Friends and Animal Advocates!

On May 19th 2017 there is a neighborhood Commission meeting scheduled at City Hall 3rd floor at 10:30 a.m.  The quality of life, well-being and protection for our community cats will be addressed at this meeting.  This meeting is very important because we hope to gain the full support of the Miami Beach City Council on issues that are currently plaguing our community cats.

Please join me in voicing your support on the current issues that are hurting our community cats.  We need everyone’s input to be heard by the city council as to how we can positively improve the lives of our community cats.

Join me at the commission meeting to peacefully express that we, the Miami Beach residences,  do love and care for our community cats.  We are their voice as they cannot speak for themselves so let’s all rally together for them!

If you would like to join me and making a positive difference for the community cats and would like more information regarding this meeting please contact me at:

Thanking everyone in advance!
Mary Thingelstad

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