Beat the Heat! Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TVNR) program targeting community cats THIS WEEK (February 10 – 15, 2020)

Beat the Heat! Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TVNR) program targeting community cats THIS WEEK (February 10 – 15, 2020)

Community Cats in need of TNVR (aka TNR)?

Trappers will come trap, transport for surgery and return!  Would you like to be added to our list?  Those on the list will be communicated to under a separate email and will be contacted by your assigned trapper later this week.

If you have Community Cats in need, please us email the below:

  • Feeder contact information (name, cell phone, and email address) and your contact info name if different from feeder: We need to coordinate with the feeder to stop feeding for at least 24 hours. A cat needs to be hungry so we can get the cat in a trap with our food.  J
  • Location of Cats needing TNVR: Please give the exact street address, cross streets and a detailed description of where the cat(s) hang out. Pictures also help our success.
  • How many cats need TNVR? Please provide cat(s) description and pics if you have any (i.e. large orange cat with white ear, black & white skinny young cat).
  • Feeding Time(s): What time of day are the cats fed?
  • Notes: Anything else that you think would be helpful?


More information – Help for Pet Owners too:

The “Beat the Heat” Campaign runs all week through Friday, February 15th, 2020, to provide FREE cat spay and neuter surgeries to humanely manage the free-roaming community cat populations.  The efforts will kick-off in partnership with Miami Dade Animal Services and the Humane Society of Greater Miami and cat trapping volunteers who will work throughout our county, implementing the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TVNR) program targeting feral cats.


PET OWNERS: Monday, February 10, 2020, through Friday, February 14, 2020, the Animal Services Department will provide FREE spay and neuter surgeries to all Miami-Dade County residents’ pet cats.   Appointments are required for pets and can be made by calling 311 or visiting


Thank you!

Your SOBE Cats Team

(786) 480-0728

FaceBook Birthday Fundraiser – Share your birthday on FaceBook with the cats in three easy steps!

  • Share your birthday on FaceBook with the cats in three easy steps!
  1. Accept the charity prompt you will receive from Facebook about three weeks prior to the big day.
  2. Add SoBe Cats Spay and Neuter Inc as the charity.
  3. Share with friends when prompted by Facebook. That’s it.

You’re now helping to raise funds for the cats! Have friends with birthdays coming up? Encourage them to share with the cats as well!

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Cut your Cake with Cats (1)

Paint Your Pet Event on August 26th, 2017

Hello SOBE Cats Spay & Neuter supporters!   Please come have some fun and join Mary of SOBE Cats Spay & Neuter at the Paint Your Pet Event on August 26th.

Miami Beach Commissioner John Alemán invites you to a National Dog Day Fundraiser for Miami Beach Pets as we celebrate Man’s Best Friend by raising money for the Miami Beach pets programs, such as SOBE Cats Spay & Neuter! Once you have signed up, you send a photo of your pet to the Miami Beach Painting with a Twist studio, so they can sketch the image on a canvas. During the class the instructors help you step by step, so you leave with a fabulous portrait of your dog, or cat, or iguana! Don’t have a pet, but still want to participate? No problem! We will also offer an Open Studio class, so you can pick ANY painting you see and we will help you paint it! There will be wine and food and LOTS of FUN! We are really thrilled to have City Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán as the host and her right hand woman Cilia Ruiz–Paz as an event organizer!  Here is a link to the event…

Proceeds will benefit the Miami Beach pet programs, like our spay and neuter program!


Commission Meeting Follow Up

Hello everyone!

Great news!  The Miami Beach City Commissioners approved our new SOBE Cats Spay & Neuter Feeding Program today.  We will be doing feeding stations, badges for feeders, signage, advertising and much much more!!  For the first time in the history of Miami Beach our Community Cats will have a better life!!   Keep and eye out for our announcements!! 
Thank you all for your help and support!!!
Mary Thingelstad


Friends and Animal Advocates!

On May 19th 2017 there is a neighborhood Commission meeting scheduled at City Hall 3rd floor at 10:30 a.m.  The quality of life, well-being and protection for our community cats will be addressed at this meeting.  This meeting is very important because we hope to gain the full support of the Miami Beach City Council on issues that are currently plaguing our community cats.

Please join me in voicing your support on the current issues that are hurting our community cats.  We need everyone’s input to be heard by the city council as to how we can positively improve the lives of our community cats.

Join me at the commission meeting to peacefully express that we, the Miami Beach residences,  do love and care for our community cats.  We are their voice as they cannot speak for themselves so let’s all rally together for them!

If you would like to join me and making a positive difference for the community cats and would like more information regarding this meeting please contact me at:

Thanking everyone in advance!
Mary Thingelstad